About us

MPL Power Elektro is a company operating in the market since 2005, has a number of its own brands for the lighting, advertising, industrial monitoring, security, industrial automation, fire, emergency power, UPS and many other markets.
These brands are recognized by customers and are currently being sold with great success in many European countries.
These include MW Power, POS Power, Global Leader Power, MW Lighting, MW Power Ideas for Security, IPS, Adler Power, 4SIGNAGE and MegaBAT.

In 2010, MPL Power Elektro created the MPL Group. The organization now includes 3 MPL companies and 6 affiliated companies.
In total, the Group employs more than 200 people and operates in 6 branches across the country becoming one of the most serious suppliers of industrial electronics in Poland and Central Europe.
The company offers same-day shipping or delivery of 90% of its product range from its 5000m² warehouses.

MPL Group also has its own technical and production department operating under the MPL Tronik company.
The company manufactures about 200 types of its own products, and runs its own innovation and development department.
MPL Group also designs and builds photovoltaic power plants through its company MPL Energy.
The total installed capacity of the power plants is 8MW.

In 2014, MPL Group began producing battery packs for industry in NiMH, LiOn, NiCd technology.
The company runs its own design and production department of battery packs and battery packs for the industrial market.

You can find us at many trade fairs at home and abroad.