Dear Customers!

We were informed that the Board of Directors of LED Labs sp. z o.o. sends out to the Customers the information regarding the dispute pending before the Regional Court in Warsaw between the said company and MPL POWER ELEKTRO sp. z o.o.

We would like to inform you that the information above is imprecise, misleading as to the facts of the case and compromises the good reputation and image of MPL POWER ELEKTRO.

We strongly suggest that you wait until the final resolution of the dispute by Court, including the Court’s decision as to our company’s claims brought against Led Labs Sp. z o.o., before you decide as to whether your claims are justified. We also encourage you to read the information below where we discuss our position.

First the SU2, GR2, SU1, GR3, SU3,GR1 products of MW Lighting are not a copy of the A, B, D, G, Y, Z products of LUMINES Lighting. Also, they are not a copy of any other products, and they were granted the right in registration of an industrial design by the Polish Patent Office. The decision granting the above right is available for review at the company’s head office.

The MW Lighting profiles differ in section and in multiple technical properties that offer practical benefits, the properties being:

  • revolutionary shade mounting system,
  • reduced internal outlet system offering a better light emission and enabling the use of a wider LED tape,
  • external ribbing that enables more efficient heat evacuation; this prevents deformations and discolouration of shades,
  • central groove in the internal base surface that facilitates the mounting of the profile.

Any allegations suggesting that our company offers copies of other products, as well as any information that compromises the good reputation of MPL POWER ELEKTRO and is in breach of principles of fair competition, will be legally investigated by us.

Second, legal remadies were sought against the decisions of the Regional Court in Warsaw, as in our opinion the provisional relief granted by the Court is unreasonable.

Third, annualation procedures have been initiated with regard to the above LUMINES profiles embodying the Community designs. In our opinion there are serious grounds to belive that the above designs are invalid, so that the claims against us are not legitimate. Below please find the links to the EUIPO register comprising the entry with the information on filing applications for invalidation of the designs.

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